Research and Development has always been major part of the success of the AEC companies around the globe. Most of the biggest companies have a dedicated team that constantly innovates in the organisation.

To set up a R&D team is not a straight-forward task and often has multiple issues when incorporated in an established functioning organization. For this reason many companies prefer to outsource their R&D department. This avoids internal disruption of the processes and generally brings better results.

R&D department could also require a significant investment to be initiated and maintained, which is another reason to outsource this activity. There are number of Tax Incentives and other R&D Support Funding initiatives that could leverage the cost, that we will advise you on. But it isn`t only about cost savings, the joint venture expands the horizons of a single company in terms of approach, skill set and knowledge.

We partner with AEC organizations towards a common R&D objective and our experts look after the optimization of the expenses for Research and Development.

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