Bimmetry is the Australian distributor of 3D Potterbot printers with high-quality components that allow for direct extrusion of real clay. This allows you to 3D print amazing designs with clay that would not be possible using traditional ceramic methods.

Other brands use a compressed air system printing slip (watered down clay or alcohol diluted clay). The advantage of direct extrusion is printing full-body clay or other paste-like materials.

3D Potter ceramic 3D printers use high-quality anodized aluminum rails. These rails are robust and have a smooth surface, allowing for easy movement of parts while being able to withstand classroom or industrial environments.

“Our lineup of 3D Clay printers has some of the most unique features in the world compared to other 3D printers. We use a cardinal axis system, rather than a delta printer configuration, allowing precise control with minimal effort.

Most clay printers use a pressurized system with compressed air to extrude watered down or diluted clear. Our 3D Potterbot series uses high-quality closed-loop stepper motors to allow direct extrusion of real clay.” – 3D Potter