For 20 years Cubicost software has been a trusted Quantity Surveying and Cost Estimation tool. It is the market leader in the Asia-Pacific area with headquarters in Glodon Singapore. Cubicost TAS automates the quantity takeoff of projects and allows for a variety of inputs – PDF, DWG, IFC & RVT formats. Cubicost TAS makes the quantification of buildings less time-consuming, more intuitive and highly automated. Redefine the quantity takeoff of architecture & structure for 2D & BIM. With Cubicost you can improve your efficiency by up to 70%.

Bimmetry is the official distributor in Australia for Cubicost TBQ and Cubicost TAS. If you are interested in purchasing the software or receiving a demo, please contact us. Depending on your company needs, goals and processes we will tailor the best offer for your business. Don`t waste more time and get the best QS tool on the market – Cubicost!

Cubicost TAS

Quick 2D & BIM-Based Quantity Takeoff and Customization

TAS is the only quantity takeoff software that enables the editing of BIM models, and supports the direct import of RVT, IFC, DWG and PDF drawings to build 3D cost models efficiently. It doesn`t matter if you have 2D or 3D input Cubicost allows you to visualize all the data in 3D and verify the quantities.

Once imported in Cubicost – the drawings or the models can be automatically quantified. Cubicost has a great palette of instruments that can speed up your work:

  • Automated identification of structural elements – columns, beams, slabs, walls, stairs and ramps.
  • Import of schedules – columns/ beams/ finishes that are  converted into 3D cost model.
  • Automated reo and form-work calculations.
  • Reporting templates and many more.

TAS re-measures and amends BIM models to create truly useful data. The overlapping of geometries are automatically detected and deductions are carried out instantly. All deductions can also be visualized in 3D. Cubicost creates not only quantities for the visual structural elements, but adds another level of intelligent quantity measurements for the concrete form-work and rebar. TAS works with all sorts of geometries such as ramps, curved and slanted walls and slabs, which is typically hard to be quantified. While importing steel produces tonnages, surface and fixing weight. Every building element receives thousands of specialist quantities to the rules of measure, in the click of a button.

Professional, Accurate & Easy-to-Check

Built-in local measurement methods, which has been proved by users from many countries. Deduct automatically based on the relations among elements in BIM model to ensure calculation accuracy.

Various Quantity Reports

Generate reports by floor, element type or other condi- tions. Unique Reversely Check helps to trace the origin of quantities in BIM models, making it easy to check and modify quantities.

Teamwork High Efficiency

Support the rapid adjustment and reuse of BIM models, to reduce the working intensity and greatly increase the efficiency of team collaboration. 

Cubicost TBQ

Efficient Tendering

Fast preparation of BQs by identifying Excel and PDF BQs. Quick search of BQ items with Find and Filter functions. One-click generation of different reports in customized format.

Cost Analysis

Easy calculation of cost per GFA(m2) by element code. Quick analysis of resource costs of projects by trade Intuitive display of cost analysis results in chart and table.

Supplier Management

Convenient for subcons to quote. Easy to manage subcons. Guarantee the secure and convenient subcontracting. Quick comparison & flexible selection of different suppliers’quotes.

Data Management

Improvement of work efficiency by collaborative team work. Guarantee of data safety by project backup & user and project permission settings.