The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced a lot of businesses negatively. And it will take a while to the full recovery, meanwhile we all try to make sense of the situation and see the opportunities in the current down times. On one side the pandemic has been influencing the digitalization of businesses, which could be a positive push in the long run. On the other, now is probably a good time to up-skill, reform and improve.

Software development companies have a lot to offer in the Covid-19 crisis. One thing is certainly on-boarding companies with new tools, which is usually a slow and costly process. Now is a good time for businesses to test, train and implement new technologies.

We are excited to announce that we are starting a campaign for quantity surveying, cost estimating and construction companies in Australia. You can take advantage of our campaign and try Cubicost for free! Your team will be able not only to test the software and it’s main functionalities, but use it for the length of a whole project and will be supported by Bimmetry and Glodon Singapore in the process. Do not hesitate and apply for the Productivity Boost with Cubicost! Just fill in the below form and our consultants will get in touch shortly.