Technologies are great, but sometimes it might be a real challenge to implement new tools into established workflows and processes. Therefore, to get the best results we tailor each BIM/digital strategy to the individual business needs and stakeholders. In that sense it is very important for us to stay software agnostic and open to all the available tools on the market.

We interview the key players in your company, describe the existing processes and suggest BIM/ Digital solutions that could benefit your workflow. After analyzing the possibilities with your team we will create a roadmap that will help your organization get where it aims to. 

Do`s and Don`ts:
  • Get informed and educate your organization on what are the available digital technologies
  • Consider carefully before embarking on a journey
  • Commit or don`t commit, but don`t do halfhearted innovation, it is not going to work
  • Consider outsourcing your R&D
  • Allocate a budget for your Digital Strategy and Implementation
  • Don`t kill it with committees!


Building inhouse digital technologies capabilities or using external experts can both be beneficial in various scenarios. We would advise on the best choice for your organization flagging the potential risks in all cases.

When it comes to the implementation of your BIM strategy we could be useful with some of our services:

In order to achieve your BIM/ Digital Strategy, you usually need to prepare a set of internal documents that facilitate your technological advancement and workflows. We prepare a list of recommended documents and templates. Typically, these are best practices guidelines, QA and auditing documents. Bimmetry has developed number of custom tools that could help you implement those standards, best practices and QA procedures into your own workflow.

Bimmetry has the capability to organize both live hands on training and online webinars/ video tutorials to up-skill your team. We help companies to create their own learning resources and manuals.

We analyze the repetitive tasks in your everyday drafting/ BIM processes and suggest tools that can streamline those activities or completely automate them.  We will suggest various solutions that might be out of the box products or customized plug-ins or scripts.

To help you kick off with a BIM project we offer project specific services as BIM Management, BIM modelling, Content Family Creation, 4D Sequencing and Scan to BIM.