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Scan to BIM

BIMMETRY team can process your point cloud, incorporate it into your BIM model and model according to the scanned data. One of the usual implementations of 3D scanning is to create accurate LOD 500 as-built model. Another popular use case scenario is in renovation/ restoration/ reconstruction projects to scan all the building existing conditions such as historical facade, details, beams, columns, ceilings, roofs, walls, ducts, pipes, which can be used to analyze the existing elements as well as further utilized for detail construction documentation for renovation and demolition purposes. We work both with the leading laser scanning technology and drone site photogrammetry software.

Key benefits of Scan to BIM:

  • Validation of existing conditions and design based on accurate geometrical data
  • With the regular scanning of the site – you create a 3D time-lapse of the construction process. The gathered data could be used later in the FM stage of the operation of the building to verify if any reconstructions will interfere with existing structure/ services etc.
  • QA tool for construction – comparison between the 3D models and the scanned data
  • Construction QA tool, the software tools that compliment the scanning technologies are developing rapidly, some of the tools already offer functionalities such as road cracks check

2D to BIM

Number of companies have efficient 2D process and design/engineering expertise and many subcontractors still haven`t embarked on the BIM journey. You might have been given unexpectedly high BIM requirements on your project as LOD 400-500, Cobie or IFC and you don`t have previous experience, but you still want to do a good job… Or you would like to explore the benefits of BIM modelling and 3D visualization, VR and others. We are here to help!

BIMMETRY offers BIM Modelling and documentation services for:

  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • Landscape
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic

Our team is comprised by qualified professionals that pay attention to detail and will bring your 2D design to best quality BIM models from LOD 200 to LOD 500.

Our BIM capabilities currently cover the following BIM authoring tools – Revit, Archicad and Vectorworks.