Our multidisciplinary team has experience in delivering consultancy services for architectural/structural/services design as well as BIM project management on large scale projects. 

BIMMETRY could fully or partially support your team in the BIM management aspects of a project. We provide the following BIM Project Management Services:

To start a project by the book, the BIM Requirements would be outlined in the Employer`s Information Requirements of the project. 

We assist investors and contractors to set the initial requirements in regards to BIM and digital technologies at the start of their project. We analyze, advise and consult on best practices and methods.

Bimmetry can help you develop a BIM Execution Plan for your project, promoting the best international standards, practices and methodologies for BIM Project Management. 

In the BIM Excution Plan, we outline the general digital strategy for the project, guideline for the use of the technologies, describe the stakeholders and the workflows and any additional requirements that might be relevant to the project such as:

  • LOD requirements
  • FM requirements
  • Cobie/ Omniclass/ Uniclass/ Other integration
  • 4D-5D-6D-7D BIM uses etc.

Clear Brief for the BIM and digital technologies of the project at the start are key for a successful project development. BIMMETRY could help you create clear and precise scope for the various stakeholders on the project. We help your company communicate the BIM scope to the project team so that everyone are on the same page in regards to deliverables.

We can support your legal team/ consultant in the elaboration of Consultancy contracts that include BIM scope and refer to the BIM Execution Plan of the project.

Clash detection can considerably increase the quality of the design and reduce onsite mistakes and unforeseen costs. We execute clash detection and reporting services during all stages of a project. Some of the software products we commonly use for Clash Detection are: Navisworks, Solibri, Revizto, BIM Track, BIM Collab, BIM 360 and others.

BIMMETRY can support  your project in overseeing your BIM models and document control. Our team will make sure that the naming, numbering, revision conventions are followed, the models and documents have been uploaded as per agreed deadlines and the BIM Execution Plan. 

Based on the outlined practices in the BIM Execution Plan, BIMMETRY would follow up on the quality of the received models from all stakeholders. We can provide BIM Auditing of models both as representative of the Lead Consultant or the Contractor or generate a report as an independent supervisor on the project.