The Augmented Reality outdoors museum experience is a mobile app that would enable easy AR interactive exhibition experience. The user will scan a QR code with their mobile phone and an interactive 3D object/artwork will appear. The user will have a certain degree of control over the object similar to game options. The artist would define exactly what will be the interaction – interactive communication, exploratory approach, or other. The user will be prompted to choose how he/she wants to continue. Once the “digital performance” has been finalized the user will be prompted to repeat the experience or move to the next QR code.

The actual QR codes are an opportunity for artistic exhibit on its own. The codes can be engraved, printed, cut or painted and incorporated in other objects. The upload of the 3D artwork will be happening via a web-interface containing the details regarding the artwork like date/ author/ description. The artist will choose between an option to upload static or animated 3D objects with location towards the user and timeline or multiple animated stages with storyboard and interaction options.

The AR museum experience will open new avenues for artists to create large-scale interactive outdoors exhibitions. Physical large-scale art usually requires considerable funding, while AR exhibitions would require a lot less funds, thus more artists can explore this medium. Good examples of outdoors art installations are Christo & Jean Claude works.

The main advantage of the web-interface and mobile app would be the quickness and ease of use. Any museum, park, hotel, school, university, council etc. will be able to organize and promote AR art exhibitions and make memorable experiences for the people using the outdoors spaces.