BIMMETRY offers 4D Sequencing services and additional after-effects retouch of the video for marketing purposes. 4D & 5D BIM simulations are becoming more and more common and will soon become essential part of any construction project. In fact visualization of the whole construction project including logistic considerations could be immensely helpful to understand the construction program and plan better.

Our process stages:

Most of the 4D Sequencing tools also offer VR capabilities so you could completely immerse in the construction animation experience of your project.

Don`t be hesitant and get on-board with 4D Sequencing, this would help you a lot in understanding potential construction methodology risks and Health&Safety hazards.

Bimmetry example of a 4D sequence for marketing purposes:

Services: BIM modelling from 2D drawings + 4D animation

Term: 3 weeks