The new version of Cubicost is on the horizon with a lot of improved functionalities, new cloud features and even more automation. Don`t miss the launch event and you can win some great gifts, register on the following link:

Cubicost 2021 Event Launch

Presented by our partners Glodon International, Cubicost New Version Launch aims to enlighten construction industry professionals, consultants, contractors and developers on the use of BIM technology as the future for construction projects. Our speakers will shed more light on the latest Cubicost BIM applications and how leading companies are deepening the use of BIM technology through Cubicost 5D BIM Cost management that is applied to their on-going projects.

The Cubicost New Product Launch 2021 will be virtual to celebrate the official release of Cubicost new version – TAS C-III & TRB C-III, and will take place on March 26th.