Bimmetry and Glodon Singapore/ Cubicost are launching a new online course for QS and Cost estimation professionals. The course is centered around the understanding of key aspects of BIM so you can take full advantage of this methodology in your own workflows. The course consists of three sessions that will be recorded and you will be able to watch them on demand. Everyone that enroll in this course will have to pass a test at the end to get a certificate from Bimmetry and Glodon Singapore.


1st Session – Nov 6th – 11:00 AM / Sydney/ Melbourne

BIM modelling for QS and cost estimation

This session will be concentrated on the various BIM tools, their logic, structure and points to be considered in regards to QS and cost estimation. You will get yourself familiar with the major issues you could experience with BIM models and what you can expect and require from the various stakeholders.

  1. Introduction
  2. Bim Uses
  3. 3D BIM to 10D BIM
  4. BIM modelling software solutions
  5. BIM modeling hurdles to overcome
  6. How to make use of a BIM model as a QS professional?
  7. Stakeholders involved in the BIM modelling process

2nd Session – Nov 20th – 11:00 AM / Sydney/ Melbourne

BIM management for 5D BIM

This session is dedicated to the BIM management process, the various stakeholders and what is the way to get the best out of a BIM project as a QS/ cost estimation professional.

  1. BIM Standards
  2. BIM Roles, processes and procedures
  3. BIM Requirements
  4. BIM Management platforms
  5. BIM Management for 5D BIM
  6. Include the QS requirements in the BIM Execution Plan

3rd Session – Dec 4th – 11:00 AM / Sydney/ Melbourne

Take advantage of BIM on your next QS/ cost estimation project

This session is concentrated on how to get your company up to speed with BIM and emerging technologies. Plan for your pilot project and your road-map. See how to implement 5D BIM tools such as Cubicost into your workflow gradually and diminish disruption in your business.

  1. Digital transition
  2. Missed opportunities
  3. Use 5D BIM on your next project
  4. Cubicost features
  5. Claim your BIM Basics QS Recognition Certificat