Take a look at the new 5D BIM tool for cost estimating and quantity surveying – Cubicost

One of the best Quantity Surveying software solutions from Singapore – Cubicost, is coming to Australia, providing another tool in the hands of the professionals, that will help them improve efficiency, increase accuracy and speed up their work process.

The company behind Cubicost – Glodon, was founded in back in 1998 and through the development of information technology in 20 years, it has become one of the most important enterprises in the field of construction industry digitalization. Currently, the company has more than 60 subsidiaries, offices and R&D centres with more than 7,000 employees around the world. Now, the Singapore head office has decided it is time to add Australia to its efforts to improve globally the construction information.

Cubicost is comprised of the individual BIM-based software products that are focused on different needs of quantity surveying business. All these products together virtually cover all general requirements in the construction cost estimation business.  The platform enables data and model sharing among other popular software. BIM model and related data can be easily transferred, bringing more efficient and accurate cost estimation experience.

The software supports batch modelling by identifying various drawing formats, with an easy one-click importing of models. There are build-in local rules and BIM based auto deductions, allowing instant generation of quantities. Flexible quantity extraction and convenient quantity checks are just some of the platform highlights, which provides various reports, reverse-checkable models and visible calculation.

Bimmetry is excited to represent Cubisoft on the Australian market. We support our clients in the implementation and training of the solution in their organizations. The software is powerful tool for the Australian Quantity surveyors and estimators, allowing for efficient, intelligent and professional approach to QS and cost estimation in the era of BIM.