Our 8 reasons at Bimmetry to use Plannerly:

1/ Framework

Plannerly gives the right framework to anyone to produce high quality BIM Execution plans. Even if you have never written BExP before, Plannerly will help you ask the right questions, structure the document and guide you in the process.

2/ Interactivity

The BIM execution plan is definitely an important document. It is the de facto contract between the consultants and all involved stakeholders regarding the BIM technicalities and deliverables related to the project. But as any document it is not that easy to make everyone involved in the content. The normality is that the BExP doesn`t get read until someone is specifically looking for information and at that point feedback is way overdue. The interactivity aspect of the online document pushes for a higher degree of involvement, which on the other hand ensures better results.

3/ Living document

We all call the BIM execution plan a living document. Having an online BExP ensures that the document keeps living and being updated as required. And hey, everybody has the latest version, finally!

4/ LOD – Level of Development Element Matrix

One of the strong points in Plannerly is that it makes the LOD element matrix real. The available example library could easily respond to majority of the cases and the ability to customize it – basically covers all you need. The LOD matrix is usually overlooked and with Plannerly there is less probability for this to happen. Not only the LOD matrix is clear and smart, but it becomes also a deliverables programme, which enhances further it’s importance.

5/ Feedback centralization

As stakeholders review the document, they comment on it and you can keep track of all those comments in the same place.

6/ Process

Plannerly creates a process around the BIM Execution plan, which should in theory always create a process, but the reality is different.

First stakeholders get familiar with the plan, comment on it, agree on it and commit.

After that in the same platform Plannerly helps you follow up on those commitments and verify planned versus delivered.

7/ Ease of use

Plannerly is actually easy and intuitive to use!

8/ Videos

At Bimmetry, we believe that most of the BExPs could be and should be as visual as possible and videos need to be used more. Plannerly gives you the capability to embed videos, which is awesome!

If you are interested in the solution and want to find out how to get the best of it or if you want to receive custom offer fitting the needs of your project or organization, contact us at: plannerly@bimmetry.com

Bimmetry is providing BIM Management on projects using Plannerly and is supporting companies in the implementation of the platform and the process.